DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'Spring in Treskolie'

Winner 2011: Spring in Treskolie by Olga Kornienko, Russia (one minute abstract)

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Olga Kornienko

has finished the Department of Journalism of the Kazan' State University and the Moscow Institute of Rising Qualification of Workers of Television and Broadcasting.
More than ten years she had been working in the television company "SurgutInformTV" (Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra) as an editor of theme programs. She had mainly covered life of the native population of Ugra.

Since 2003 Olga Kornienko is a head of the Nonfiction Film Studio which works with three directions: ethnodocumentary films, educational and historical documentaries. She is the author of two serials and more than twenty films.

Olga Kornienko is a member of the International Academy of Television and Radio. Since 2001 she has been making her films and working as a camera operator.

Since September 2008 she is an associate professor, the lecturer of language and literature department (chief - journalism) in Surgut State Pedagogical University.
She is the laureate of the International Television Festival "Zolotoy Buben" (for the film "Living ahead", Khanty-Mansiysk), the participant of the Festival of Television Films of Native Nations of the World in Finland (Turku, the film "Nomad Camp on Tyuityach"), the participant of the International Television Forum "INPUT - 2003" (The television as a target of society's interests) in Denmark (the film "The Treaty"), the participant of the International project "The window to the mythological time. The Siberian shamanism of the XIX-XXI centuries" in Germany (Frankfurt, the films "Master and Evdokia", "Hello, Alyonka!"), the laureate of the highest prize of the Russian television "TEFI" (for the film "Master and Evdokia"), the winner of Grand-Prix of the XIIth International Television Festival "The Finno-Ugric World" ("Master and Evdokia").
Olga Kornienko is the participant and the winner of the awards of many Russian television festivals.

The ethnic films made by her have been many times shown on the urban and regional channels. They are the learner's guides at seminars, conferences and congresses where the members of the native population of Ugra and Siberia take part.
Up to the ethnic and historical films and serials of Olga Kornienko they read lectures in the schools and universities, the films are called-for the libraries and museums of Ugra.

Olga Kornienko is a co-author of the artistic-journalistic edition: "By the way of the Landlady of Agan (together with the famous Nenets poet and public figure Yuri Vella).
She is the author of many publications about life and people of Ugra in the books, journals and other printed matter of Moscow, Finland, Ugra.