DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'Behind the Wall - The Battle for LA's Murals'

Nominated 2011: Behind the Wall - The Battle for LA's Murals, Oliver Riley-Smith, Director, United Kingdom (one minute abstract)

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Oliver Riley-Smith

Student – Writer/Director/Producer

Has trained at USC School of Cinematic Arts and made several shorts and documentaries, including Behind The Wall: The Battle For LA’s Murals.

"Murals that were already in existence have come under increasing threat from two sides: from graffiti “artists” who mark their territory by defacing murals, and from a city that seems determined to find any pretext to paint over them.

This is the subject of Behind the Wall: The Battle for LA’s Murals (above), a six-minute documentary by students in the Film and TV Production MFA program at the University of Southern California. It was directed by Oliver Riley-Smith, shot by Qianbaihui Yang, and produced and edited by Gavin Garrison." by Mike Springer