DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'Made in China'

Winner 2011: Made in China, Javier Roberto Carlos / Director, Producer, Andy Hu / Producer, Hart Perez / Writer, USA / China (one minute abstract)

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Javier Roberto Carlos (Director/Producer/Editor) is a San Francisco based award-winning director of narrative and documentary films. He is currently a student in the MFA Cinema Production Program at San Francisco State University.

Andy Hu (Producer) is an aspiring producer working and attending school in Shanghai, China. He is currently taking advanced English classes to prepare him to study film and video in the United States.

Hart Perez (Writer/Cinematographer) is a Cinema Studies graduate student at San Francisco State University of California. After graduation, he hopes to move to Los Angeles where he will pursue a career as a director and lighting technician.

Chase Azimi (Cinematographer/Editor) is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. Since shooting Made in China, he has pursued his love for cinematography by working as a professional camera assistant.

Ben Goldberg (Cinematographer/Editor) is currently busy working for several television programs in the Los Angeles area. He most recent television productions include, Gossip Queens and America's Court.

Jessica Deng (Location Sound Recordist/Translator) is a visual artist and media student attending Shanghai Normal University. Most recently, Jessica took the opportunity to participate in an international student exchange program with San Francisco State University of California.

Weimin Zhang (Cultural & Technical Advisor) is a professional cinematographer and professor at San Francisco State University of California.