DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'Made in China'

Winner 2011: Menari - Sound of Korea, Kim Jeong-Gil, Producer / South Korea (one minute abstract)

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Menari / Synopsis

There is a singer who lives deep in the mountains by himself and pursues only Eastern Korean folk songs his entire life. His name is Soo-Kwan Park. He throws himself heart and soul into teaching Eastern Korean folk songs, based on Menarijo mostly, to students who visit him regardless of the seasons.

To preserve and pass down the songs, which have almost vanished, a national Eastern Korean folk song singing contest, based on traditional ways, is held in nature, serving as a stage.
A sense of futility and Korean women's deep sorrow can be felt through Salpuri dance for the deceased to go to a better place and Sangyeosori, substituting for feelings of the dead who is leaving for an afterlife.

Menari: refers to a scale used in folk songs and shamans' songs, sung in Hamkyoung Province, Kangwon Province, and Kyoungsang Province.