DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'The Wave'

Nominated 2011: The Wave, Script and Direction by Santanu Halder / Bangladesh (one minute abstract)

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Synopsis of the film THE WAVE by Santanu Halder / Bangladesh:

The subsequent approaching of omnivore citizenship derived from the corporate globalization although effects Bangladesh but after all the thousands of years cherished own melody-song, dance enriched society of the rural livelihood still is not dead.

The core nature of the life and living in this riverine Bengal is that amity with the its real root. In the shadow of water and life the boat is one archaeological element of this agriculture-based rural civilization. And the boat centered festive called boating is an archetypal beauty in contemporary culture of Bangladesh. The boat race is not only a race it's a artistic performance. At the rainy season the whole Bangladesh thrilled by the traditional cultural performance that is boat race. Most of the rural people engage this event in Bangladesh.

On the extend of the seasonal rainfall of the rural Bengal, rainy season, growing crops, distribution and communication, the boat becomes the prime cause of the celebration of life, the manifestation/symbolic art. The boat is not only the vehicle or the association for the daily/temporal necessities. It becomes a symbol of belief, ritual activities and the metaphor for collective strength. Due to the cause of association with diversified livelihood, the boat is found in the colorful rural festival of boat race. The strength, vigor, boldness, swiftness and protection come out as if our very country, as a boat language from the enigmatic softness of rural life.

The whole village is festively rippling due to the boat race. This is not only a festival or celebration. It becomes a sacred occasion according to the ritualistic belief of the villagers. That's why the festival becomes different by the shadow of temporal to heavenly endowment.
Boats as well as racers are come to the race spot from the distant part of the localities, playing melodious instruments through the ecstatic harmonious body. The whole localities are enthralled and lively with this boat racing event.

The mighty beauty of the river makes the life of Bengal people wanderer. This boat racing is a symbol of contesting victory for life against the hunger and poverty. The collective power of the agricultural society, the speed of the muscle becomes a symphony by the synchronous rowing of the boat racer. The musical-classical strength is certainly comparable to the socio-aesthetic art of pre-eminent modernist artist S. M. Sultan who is a visionary son of soil in Bangladesh region.

This archaic strength and vigor is found also in the festive racing event is portrayed in Shahabuddin's art of liberation war of Bagngladesh. The localities enthralled by the race. The rural livelihood wave like a symphony with the boating occasion.

The cheerful mind of the gathering crowd is waving as the rowing in the water is dancing, celebrating the excitement of the speed. This event has become the sacred place for all the cheerful minded people of all religions, community and clan. When the enthusiastic women come to the celebration spot in a row and rowing in the water in company with men then the social definition of gender is also goes extinct. Thus the boating becomes a festive event without consisting any social hierarchy.

The effect of western corporate capitalism, the life and culture of this country is changing. And the boat racing style, form is also changing by the effect by the corporate capitalism and globalization. But for generations, the traditional culture of boat racing is giving pleasure and amusement to the most people of Bengal. We should preserve our heritage and its beauty in terms of its own cultural identity.