DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

From the contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award:
Documentary 'DOC TALK - Views on Vermeer'

Nominated 2011: DOC TALK - Views on Vermeer, Barry Rubinow - Producer, USA, with Koos DeWilt - Director of Views on Vermeer (one minute abstract)

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Barry Rubinow - Producer

Barry Rubinow oversees all original production and post production for Documentary Channel. Rubinow runs DOC’s Los Angeles office, where he designs and produces all of the network’s promos and oversees all of the channel’s original programming. Currently, he is producing the second season of DocTalk, the channel’s first weekly series. Airing every Friday night at 8pm, DocTalk showcases the best of current and classic documentary film. As Producer and Co-Executive Producer of DocTalk, Rubinow has made it his personal mission to create the highest quality, most entertaining show possible.

An Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated editor, Rubinow has been a production professional for more than 25 years, since graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a Masters of Fine Arts degree, where he was a classmate and partner of Documentary Channel Founder Tom Neff. Rubinow has edited dozens of documentaries, many of them directed by Neff, along with a number of feature films and television shows, ranging from the youth oriented science show, “Beakman’s World”, for which he won the Emmy, to prime time dramas and reality shows.

Rubinow has been a supervising editor and post production supervisor on shows from NBC, CBS, Turner, Discovery, MTV, TLC, PBS, and many other cable and broadcast networks. He has also worked on feature films and television shows from Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal, including “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Caddyshack”, “Miami Vice” and “Crime Story.” He has helped develop the visual look of all the shows he has worked on, and helped develop the look of newer cable networks including SOAPnet and Fine Living.

Mark McLaughlin - Associate Producer

Mark McLaughlin is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and television producer. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including an award-winning retrospective on Hollywood musicals, segments for KCET's "California Connected" program and a feature documentary about Superman for Warner Brothers. He spent a couple of months living in a tent at the North Pole while producing "Surviving Mars" for the Discovery Channel, and his independent feature documentary, "Keepers of the Frame," has been shown at dozens of major film festivals. Mark has traveled the world working on programs such as "Nova," "National Geographic," "Scientific American Frontiers" and others.

Curtis Paine - Associate Producer

Curtis Paine is a writer and producer and has worked in the entertainment industry for 25 years. He has played an integral role in programs that have aired on major broadcast and cable networks as well as the Internet. He has traveled throughout the world interviewing hundreds of celebrities, filmmakers, and ordinary citizens. As a writer/producer of "behind the scenes" material, he has helped launch blockbuster motion pictures including the "Harry Potter" and "Batman" films. Curtis Paine is an active member of the Producers Guild of America and continues to work as a writer/ producer on a wide variety of non-fiction productions.